Income Tax Planning & Preparation

Tax Preparation & Compliance

taxWe prepare all types of tax returns for businesses and individuals. For businesses, that includes proprietorship, partnership, corporate, S Corp, and Limited Liability Company (LLC) income tax returns as well as payroll and other business returns. For individuals, we prepare all federal and state income tax returns.

We prepare your business monthly and quarterly payroll and sales tax returns and other compliance forms, leaving you free from worry about deadlines and penalties. Peace of mind is what we provide.

Tax Planning

There are over one hundred different taxes we pay every day and take for granted, such as excise taxes on our phone bill, property taxes, sales tax, income taxes, use taxes, the list goes on. Indeed, taxes have the biggest impact on portfolio returns.

Taxes chip away at our ability to build wealth. The average American pays between 40% and 55% in income taxes alone.

We’re on your side, not Uncle Sam’s. We do all we can to help minimize your tax liability, and maximize your personal wealth. We offer you expertise to clarify complex personal tax returns, and save you as much tax money as the law allows.

We take advanced courses to keep you up with the latest laws concerning tax and financial planning, and make them work for your personal gain. We provide services designed to maximize your personal wealth, such as:

  • Customized Income Tax Planning- So you save all year, and get all the deductions, credits and tax breaks you’ve got coming.
  • Retirement Planning- Learn how to get the most out of your IRA or pension plan, and find out how to time your distribution for your maximum gain and lowest taxes.
  • Long-Term Financial Planning-Together, we’ll examine your situation and then set long-term goals and strategies to meet them.
  • Estate Planning- Plan ahead so your assets go to your loved ones, not the IRS. Avoid probate and minimize estate taxes, receive counseling about wills, trusts, and powers of attorney for health care and financial decisions. If your goal is to eliminate estate taxes, we have the advanced planning techniques and the expertise to make estate taxes disappear, regardless of the size of your estate. .
  • Payroll Tax Planning- Often the largest taxes paid by businesses are the payroll taxes, including social security, Medicare, and federal and state unemployment taxes.

We will help you minimize these taxes through various planning techniques. In some cases, we have been able to recommend strategies to save businesses with only a few employees thousands of dollars annually.

Throughout the year, you will be advised on current and new changes in the tax laws and how it affects your business. Saving you money is the key.