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The American Dream

After my father came back from military service he felt a calling to be in the publishing business. For a short period of time, he worked for another newspaper in order to gain some experience. Then, with just a card table and typewriter, he started a newspaper from scratch. He knew he needed something different […]

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How to Waste $300,000,000!!

Remember “The Artist formerly known as Prince”?  Well, he just died recently.  It has been all over the news.  His music is not my cup of tea, but I became interested when it came out that nobody can find his will.  It is sort of a big deal, because he is reportedly worth about $300 […]

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Big Fans of the Roth IRA

We are big fans of the Roth IRA.  Who wouldn’t like a pot of money that is tax free?  There are two ways to set up a Roth IRA.  First, make contributions from your annual earnings from wages or business income.  Just follow the Traditional IRA contribution rules allowing up to $6,500 contribution each year […]

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Social Security Changes!!!!!!!!!! Am I Affected?

I am sure many of you have heard that Social Security has under gone major reform.   The changes will impact millions of Americans that are near retirement.  Rest assured, if you are currently receiving benefits you will not be affected.  On November 2, President Obama signed into law the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015.  These changes […]

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Turnover & Tax Savings

In my 41 years of experience in the CPA business, I have never had anyone say to me that they wish they could pay more income tax.  Plenty have stated they would like more income, but none care to pay a higher percentage to the government. For investors, there is one area that rarely gets […]

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