Asset Protection

The biggest wealth thieves in the U.S. are lawsuits, taxes and long term care. In today’s world, where lawsuits are so common, this is an important planning area.

We help our client’s shelter assets from nuisance lawsuits, creditors, and other unexpected attacks on your wealth. We employ various planning techniques including the use of entity structuring with corporations, trusts, and limited liability companies.

It is sometimes possible to bullet-proof your wealth, putting a quick halt to lawsuits and forcing creditors to negotiate a quicker settlement to claims.

The time to plan is before something happens.
While we are not attorneys and do not give legal advice, we work with qualified attorneys to provide asset protection that is appropriate for you and your family.


Our Purpose

To spread freedom in the world by empowering families to discover their purpose in life, then live it.

Our Vision

To create a world where life shows up as abundant.

Our Mission

Through world class coaching, we tailor our clients’ financial needs to their purpose, American Dream, and life-long game plan.

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